Carlos Detres has merged commercial photography, fine art and anthropology to create bold, haunting pieces that explore historical and personal memories. Stories of the supernatural have inspired him to emulate camera and editing techniques that were once employed to make hoaxed or allegedly genuine images of ghosts. He works in this method to provide authenticity so that no element of the photograph is without purpose, meaning or historical significance. 

Traveling to locations such as the swampy islands of Southeast Louisiana and the ancient cobbled streets of St. Augustine round the historical perspective often found throughout his work. His involvement in archaeological expeditions of former yellow fever quarantine camps throughout Louisiana have found its way into many of his featured photographs.

His first photography book, Ghosts of New Amsterdam, published in October 2017, was a response to the byproduct of technological conveniences that have made humanity into what he views as a “landscape of small, isolated islands”. Hairnomicon: Communiques from Beyond the Chair is his recent collection of hoaxed ghost pictures, occult inspired horror photography book that was released June of 2018.

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Carlos Detres is currently at work on his first film, entitled, The Red Canvas, which is based on the short story by XXX Zombieboy XXX. He is also completing a collection named, The Saffron Scourge, which is about the memories of the ghosts of victims who suffered the many yellow fever epidemics that plagued New Orleans for much of the nineteenth century.

Published and Commissioned: The Macallan, Brugal, Narratively, New Museum, USA Today, Adweek, SAVEUR Magazine,  Bumble and bumble, Consequence of Sound, Refinery29