Photo Journal

This is where my personal projects are born, as well as behind the scenes perspectives of the photo shoots I've done.

A Letter Found in a Little Shrine at St. Roch Cemetery, New Orleans

I shot these three photos at St. Roch Cemetery, inside a little chapel. It made me think of the Pope’s message and in what ways it inspires others. St. Roch is the Catholic patron saint of dogs and is said to heal people who are ill or disabled in some way. 

People who have claimed to been healed by St. Roch leave items behind in the small side room on the right of the cathedral. Items include notes, prosthetic legs, braces (some from Polio-related disabilities) and replicas of ailed limbs.

The note in the diptych above, on the right reads:

St. Roch,

This is my friend Danto, but y'all know each other. Basically my prayer is this:

I light this candle so that we may, men of the earth

Heal each other
To not be afraid of each other
To grieve together
To protect each other
To come together to protect the sanctity of the divine feminine, Santa Barbara, the fountain of eternal nectar.
To have sex with condoms
To help create infrastructure for refugees, alle Fluchtlinge!