Photo Journal

This is where my personal projects are born, as well as behind the scenes perspectives of the photo shoots I've done.

Witch Inspired Photo Shoot in Bywater

The first time I saw Chloe Rose's headpieces was at the Mardi Gras market at the New Orleans Healing Center.They were elegant, classic, edgy and reminiscent of the colors and materials one would find in nature. I knew I had to work with her. A little while after Mardi Gras ended, we met for coffee at the Orange Couch in the Marigny. From there we discussed imagery, our favorite colors to work with, photographers that we like, etc. 

The shoot was canceled at least twice due to the weather but finally the right day came. It was overcast, the temperature was comfortable and with the makeup artist Radiator and Aryn (my wife) agreeing to model, we packed into my little yellow car and headed into the Bywater to pick up Chloe on the way to the levee. 

We hiked up the side of the levee to find that the small wooded area just above the water line had been engulfed by the river. I thought that maybe we were screwed at this location but we found the large end of a tree had fallen, creating a viable platform for Aryn to crouch into. I looked around, saw the clouds, the light and how it made the green grass and white little flowers pop. We started at our first setup, just under the top of the levee and went to work.

Photography: Carlos Detres
Headpiece: Chloe Rose
Makeup: Radiator
Model: Aryn Detres