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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

News came in yesterday about the closure of St. Louis Cemetery #1 to visitors starting in March. Two ways around this: 1) Tour guides/companies approved by the Archdiocese or 2) If you have family there.

I qualify for neither. 

This was obviously a bummer since this was one of my favorite places to visit on my down time but the vandals were at it again, desecrating crypts, including pouring pink latex paint on the tomb of Marie Laveau last year (it's since been restored at the cost of $10,000 -- yow!). I agree that the Archdiocese had to make a move but I wonder how effective this will be since most of the vandalism likely occurs at night. 

Today I thought I'd go over there to take as many pictures as I could. (Maybe I'd blow them up to life size and decorate my walls?) Two hours later and several hundred frames, I had only covered maybe a 1/6th of the cemetery. I plan on continuing photographing the rest, as often as I can until it's covered.

Here are a few of the snaps I took today. If you want to read more details about this new policy, check out this LINK

P.S. St Roch Cemetery and St. Louis Cemetery #2 are next.

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