Photo Journal

This is where my personal projects are born, as well as behind the scenes perspectives of the photo shoots I've done.

The Last Week

After a very short work trip and an amazing shoot with Brugal and an hour and a half of sleep, I rushed to St. Louis Cemetery #1 to get what I could today. The temperature sucked and the sky was gray but I was glad to get an extra couple hours to work.

Since I have only have a few days to shoot this project before the cemetery closes for good, I took out my Lensbaby kit to see what kind of inspiration would occur. Well, it worked. It helped me find a mood that would underline my theme of a "haunting portrait of the ruin, mystique and beauty...". 

So here's what I got today. In the photo directly below, I had my shutter open for about 25 seconds and caught this interesting, anomaly undoubtedly caused by something in the lens. Either way, it was a very nice, eerie effect. 

My goal for this project has been to create a unique photographic experience that takes the viewer through an intimate journey into the heart of New Orleans' oldest and one of its most unique cemeteries (Holt Cemetery is probably the other one that comes to mind as far as uniqueness). If you'd like more photos and info, click HERE.

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