Photo Journal

This is where my personal projects are born, as well as behind the scenes perspectives of the photo shoots I've done.

One More Day To Go!

I waited at the gate of Saint Louis Cemetery #1 before it opened. I was both excited for the days prospect of shooting and also a bit bummed that I could count the number of days left to freely visit one of my favorite locations in New Orleans. But then there was another feeling, one of accomplishment because, no matter what, principle photography was almost over.

After tomorrow, with the exception of one more day of shooting exteriors, I'll be in the process of sequencing and sorting through hundreds of photos. I've learned a lot of a lot in the last month since this project began. Every minute provided was filled with complete joy and concentration. I met a lot of people and discovered the cemetery's most intimate corners. 

The purpose of this project is more art than historical. It is a showcase of years of decay, architecture, loss of life and the preciousness of every moment. When this project is completed and showcased, no one single tomb will be identified. It is, in a way, a collective of people who lived and traversed these streets, painted the city's character with a wild brush, and perhaps even wandered through Saint Louis Cemetery while they lived. New Orleans began and continued with those laid to rest within its walls and it grows within us who live and purvey the old traditions and create new ones. This is obviously a passion project and I can't wait to share the completed vision.

Here are some select photos from today. These were made with a lot of joy, love and sheer curiosity and persistence. 

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